TBA-Olivia Arran

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Published: November 7, 2017 |
Shifter Species:

A woman betrayed…

When the opportunity to flee the States for the wild beauty of Switzerland falls into her lap, Tahlia Bromley seizes it with both hands. Now nanny to a real-life prince, she lives in a palace, surrounded by such wealth and beauty that her life seems like a dream. Maybe this fairytale existence will help heal her heart, broken by the lies and betrayal that destroyed her back home, but only if she can find a way to let go of the anger and hurt, and move on.

Then she meets a man who sweeps her off her feet. But he’s not just any man. Oh, no. He’s naked. He’s larger than life. And he’s the King.

And, for some strange reason, he wants her.

A barbarian king…

All alpha wolf shifter Nicholas knows is how to be a soldier. An enforcer. The one who guards his King’s back and defends the pack with claws and teeth.

But the King is dead. No, his brother is dead. Murdered in cold blood. Now Nicholas is the King, the ruling Alpha of the pack, and he will avenge his brother’s death.

Then his fated mate walks into his life and her very existence threatens to bring him to his knees. This woman was born to rule by his side, but she's playing hard to get.

He’s found his queen. Now he has to win her love.

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