Taming Their Tailfins

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Published: March 10, 2020 |
Shifter Species:

Shifters? Not a chance.

Valerie Ross doesn't take no for an answer. Especially when she's hell-bent on knowing if her book loving BFF is actually happy or if she’s happily psychotic in a self-made fantasy. Shifters? Not a chance. With her friend M.I.A. for a month, and the only clue about her whereabouts a cryptic note, the truth isn’t easy to accept. Not until she's thrown together with two sex-on-a-stick shifters of her own that make her blood boil and her panties wet.

A depth of passion only a Mermaid could love

Fire and fury set this threesome ablaze when passions ignite at depths only a mermaid could love. Twice the trouble and twice the sizzle convince Valerie three is never a crowd, but when old rivalries pit their new Triad against her best friend's mate, an ancient feud threatens to tear more than just their clans apart— especially when a hidden enemy takes Valerie as his pawn. Can enemies become allies in time to save more than just their pride?

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