Stealing the Vixen's Heart

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Armand Vincens was raised with a hate for injustice and a need for retribution and that’s why he’d found a way to learn the tricks and trade of every thief he could find. Finally back in France, the land of his ancestors, he’s finally ready to steal the evidence that would prove his grandfather innocent of his crimes.

His first foray into his ancestral home wasn’t what he expected. Instead of the proof he so desperately needed, he ended up face to face with a woman whose face was as foreign as the feelings she inspired in his heart. In that one moment, his plans changed.

Freeing her became his priority. If the proof of his grandfather’s innocence has remained intact for more than fifty years, it would be there for another week or two, but what about her?

But she refused to leave. Refused to go with him, saying that his distant ancestor hadn’t just taken her captive, he’d stolen her soul.

He’d scoffed at first. What a fanciful claim that had him questioning her sanity, until he saw her shift. Saw this beautiful woman seemingly dissolve before his eyes and what remained was a beautiful russet fox with dark glittering eyes and a full bushy tail.

What was he to do when faced with this magnificent creature?

Free her from her bonds, save her soul… and just maybe save his own as well.