Book Series: September 2020

Never Cry Wolf

Author: |
Published: September 22, 2020 |
Shifter Species:

A Hard Choice
Luke Laval must face the truth. Someone he trusted purposely enabled the massacre of his kind, and the upheaval of his shifter world. The knowledge hardened him, compelling him to retaliate, even if it means losing everything he loves. Forced to choose, he and what remains of the Sentinel Brotherhood, strike an unlikely alliance in the final siege to preserve and protect what remains of their shadowed domain. No matter the cost.

Stand and Fight, or Run.
Gabrielle Sancier never imagined herself at the center of any battle, let alone a paranormal war. A twist of fate brought her the man of her dreams, but also the truth about herself and her abilities. Abilities needed to help win this war. Except, there’s no fairytale ending when the man she loves goes missing, and she realizes she’s carrying his baby.

Both stand center stage of this conflict. Will they survive? Or will their world and their love be lost before either has a chance?

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The Reluctant Wolf and His Fated Mate

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Published: September 29, 2020 |
Shifter Species:

Mates were trouble. That's why Damon would never commit to one.
Even if the temptation is strong...

Sophie escapes to the White Mountains with her friend for a ski weekend. When she skis off trail and gets lost in the mountains, she stumbles into the path of a wolf. Only it's bigger than any she ever thought existed, and it's baring its fangs at her...

Damon has refused to ever find a mate after his father went mad. When Damon meets a woman his wolf recognizes as the one, the call is more difficult to ignore. And when he catches her scent on the mountain, he can't fight it any longer. He tracks her through the forest to ensure she's safe.

Only Sophie has stepped into another pack's territory.

If Damon crosses the boundary, he'll break the treaty between their packs.

Mates--not just trouble. They could lead a shifter to his death...

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