Book Series: August 2018

The Wolf's Secret Vegas Bride

Author: |
Published: August 7, 2018 |
Shifter Species:

This lone wolf gets the shock of his life when he gets a bill for his wedding in Vegas.

After a soap opera of a week where Rory meets his real father, attempts a hostile business takeover, torches the family business, and almost gets arrested for attempted murder, he decides a relaxing weekend is just what he needs.

Vegas has a way of making a man—even one who’s part wolf—forget his troubles. Rory does such a good job of wiping his mind he doesn’t even remember the wedding he receives an invoice for.

Did he do the unthinkable?

Rory sets out to find his blushing bride only to discover the one thing he never expected. Love. But can a wolf have a happily ever after with a mate who is on the run from danger?

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The Wolf's Bandit

Author: |
Published: August 14, 2018 |
Shifter Species:

Robyn Loxley is determined to save every homeless child she can find, even if she has to break the law to do it. Since the royal foundation rudely turned her down, her target has become their crown jewels. She needs only one more job before she’s done for good.

Wolf shifter Aitan Hansen is the crown prince of a small country where he runs his royal foundation and takes care of his shifter town. He comes to the U.S. to find who has been stealing his family heirlooms. He’s completely unprepared to meet his mate, especially when he suspects her of being the thief.

With the opportunity to score a lucrative piece of artwork, Robyn jumps at the chance. The problem is Aitan isn’t the only one interested in her night job. Her black-market dealer doesn’t want to share profits any longer and he’ll do whatever needed to get her latest heist, even taking her with the merchandise.

Reader's Note: This shifterfied modern take on a fairytale is full of action and romance...enjoy!

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The Grizzly Bear’s Barista: The Shifters of Sanctuary 3

Author: |
Published: August 21, 2018 |
Shifter Species:

For every storm and rainbow awaits.

When Rainbow Mason opened her coffee shop Mug Shots in Sanctuary it was a dream come true. A place of her own to use her degree and build a life for her and her son, Stevie. Raised by her grandmother on a commune in Northern California, Bow was a free spirit. She had no illusions that she was different from the other residents of the small Montana town. Her outsides definitely matched her insides. Good thing sexy and scarred Storm Brightman, an ex-Navy SEAL and The Sanctuary’s new construction foreman didn’t seem to mind.

The universe taught Storm Brightman he wasn’t meant to hold onto the good things. He’d lost his family at an early age. During his last mission he’d lost his friends and his career. After his medical discharge from the Navy he struggled to find another place where he belonged. Even after all the tragedy it wasn’t in him to give up. He didn’t know what to expect when he accepted the job at The Sanctuary, it certainly wasn’t finding his mate. He may have survived multiple losses in his life, but Storm knew he wouldn’t survive losing Rainbow and her son. Should he claim his mate and family? Would history repeat itself and rip them away? Or would the universe let him keep this one perfect thing?

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What the Wolf Wants

Published: August 28th, 2018 |
Shifter Species:

I didn’t expect to find my mate while seeking solitude in the mountains.

When she comes rolling down the hill with a feisty attitude in tow, I’m not prepared for the abrupt change she brings to my life.

She’s not as innocent as she claims to be, and pretty soon, I realize that she’s giving me a run for my money. And she knows I’ve got lots of it.

When I tell her what I really want from her, I expect her to run for the hills. She doesn’t. So now she’s mine.

Too bad she’s keeping a secret from me. Her secrets aren’t the only thing I want to reveal. I wasn’t looking for a mate when I left the city for peace, but I sure have found her.

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