Her Scottish King

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Published: February 27, 2018 |
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One Moon Stand Gone Very, VERY Wrong…

Rugby star Magnus Scotswolf is a player in more ways than one. He's the most eligible wolf in Scotland, but now he needs an heir—and fast—if he wants to hang on to his title as King of the Scottish Wolves. He’s already decided Tara, his new sister-in-law’s best friend, will be his lucky queen. But there’s just one snag…she feckin' hates him.

Lone city wolf Tara Hamilton has ZERO desire to serve as an incubator for the ridiculously arrogant Scottish Alpha King…or have anything to do with his backwater kingdom village. Tara values three things above all else: her freedom, her life among humans in Edinburgh, and her fabulous wardrobe. No way is she giving all that up for an entitled a-hole with a hit-it-and-quit-it list at least a kilometer long.

Tara’s human understands she will never, ever let the annoyingly handsome alpha anywhere near her. But there’s just one snag…her wolf hooked up with Magnus’s wolf during the last full moon when neither of their humans was looking.

Now…Tara is pregnant with the Scottish king’s baby.

What will Magnus do when he realizes the hostile city she-wolf is carrying his bairn…and discovers the HUGE secret about her hidden past?

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