Book Author: Reina Torres

Gingerbear Christmas

Author: |
Published: December 11, 2020 |
Shifter Species:

In the chilly Christmas Season, a Bear Shifter is the perfect thing to keep her warm...

If there was one simple truth about the town of Allaway, it was that they took care of their own. Bear shifter, Clancy Rhodes, couldn’t remember his parents, but he remembered all of the kindness shown to him by the other residents in the valley and up in the mountains. He’d never wanted for a roof over his head or food in his stomach, and when he was old enough, they’d helped him build a house of his own. This fall he built an extra room onto the original structure with his own hands. Why? He really didn’t know, except his bear had thought it a good idea.

Haley Woodward hated being alone in the big city. She had friends, but no one too close and instead of being stuck in a cubicle all day, she longed to spend more time on her art. When she found herself the recipient of an artist-in-residence grant in the small town of Allaway, she jumped at the chance. The woman who arranged her trip had also arranged her lodging, in a tidy cottage with the largest and sexiest man Haley had ever seen.

Even with the heavy snows in Allaway, Haley didn’t find herself in need of a fire to keep herself warm, but would this seemingly effortless relationship continue beyond her time in the valley? She had a life she was supposed to return to in the city. Right?

Clancy never had any intention of finding a mate. The community of Allaway was small. Small enough for him to know that no one there was the one to complete his soul, both halves of it. And yet Haley had made her mark on him in so many ways, and before it was her time to leave, he had to make her see that what they had together would carry on for the rest of their lives, not just Christmas.

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Loving Graystoke's Heir

Author: |
Published: May 5, 2020 |
Shifter Species:

She knew she could find him, because the connection between them is stronger than lifelong friendship... they were soulmates

Tamsin Ellery wasn’t the person Graystoke Environmental wanted to send to Africa on a rescue mission, but she was the one willing to go. Her lifelong friend, Donal Graystoke, the largest shareholder and CEO of the corporation disappeared while working to protect wildlife from poachers and trophy hunters.

It doesn’t matter how many people tell her that she’ll never find him after so many years away. Her heart tells her he’s still alive. And she loves him too much to ever give up.

To protect the only person he loved, Donal Graystoke lost himself in Africa, believing that he was losing his mind. Instead, he discovered that what he carried within him was a gift rather than a disease. Harnessing the power of nature, shifting into the form and majesty of a gorilla, gave him a new mission in life.

Just as Donal and Tamsin reconnect, danger isn’t far behind. Could fate be so cruel to take away their future before it even begins.

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Stealing the Vixen's Heart

Author: |
Shifter Species:

Armand Vincens was raised with a hate for injustice and a need for retribution and that’s why he’d found a way to learn the tricks and trade of every thief he could find. Finally back in France, the land of his ancestors, he’s finally ready to steal the evidence that would prove his grandfather innocent of his crimes.

His first foray into his ancestral home wasn’t what he expected. Instead of the proof he so desperately needed, he ended up face to face with a woman whose face was as foreign as the feelings she inspired in his heart. In that one moment, his plans changed.

Freeing her became his priority. If the proof of his grandfather’s innocence has remained intact for more than fifty years, it would be there for another week or two, but what about her?

But she refused to leave. Refused to go with him, saying that his distant ancestor hadn’t just taken her captive, he’d stolen her soul.

He’d scoffed at first. What a fanciful claim that had him questioning her sanity, until he saw her shift. Saw this beautiful woman seemingly dissolve before his eyes and what remained was a beautiful russet fox with dark glittering eyes and a full bushy tail.

What was he to do when faced with this magnificent creature?

Free her from her bonds, save her soul… and just maybe save his own as well.

The Tiger's Innocent Bride

Author: |
Published: January 09, 2018 |
Shifter Species:

Every day was a struggle for Tiger Shifter, Devlin Kerr. Booted from one Police Department due to his ‘questionable attitude,’ he’d landed in Sylvan City determined to give the career another go.

Three weeks of more bullshit and inside politics was already souring him on law enforcement all together when his Captain suckers him into working extra security at a society event.

A society event that ends in gunfire and blood.

And smack dab in the middle of the crosshairs? His mate.

Secrets be damned, Devlin did what it took to save her and suddenly danger is coming at them from everywhere.

Death, he could handle. Mayhem? Sure, just another walk in the park.

People going after his mate? That wasn’t going to fly. He was going to do whatever it took to keep her safe from danger…

…but who was going to keep Paige Lundin safe from him?

Less than a day after they’d met, she was The Tiger’s Innocent Bride.

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Their UnBearable Destiny

Author: |
Published: February 20, 2018 |
Shifter Species:

Book 3 of "The Orsino Security Series"

No matter how much they tried to stay apart they couldn’t escape the pull between them.
Uberto was the youngest of the three Orsino brothers, but he’s no baby bear. Called back their ancestral village in Italy, it takes one chance meeting on the cobblestone street to bring his past rushing back into his life. Has he learned enough to earn his mate’s forgiveness? Or is he still the odd bear out? 
Emiliana Bruno was unique. A female bear shifter hadn’t been born into their clan for generations, to the point where it had seemed only a legend. When she became Uberto’s mate she expected to be his equal as well, but there was a fine line between gentleman and chauvinist. 
It broke her when he left, even if she told him to go. Now, he’s back and she knows she not only has to fight her father’s antiquated views, it will be Uberto, too.
Emiliana’s plans to keep their relationship all ‘business’ to help protect the clan and their town goes just about as well as the ultimatums that they threw at each other a decade ago. Only this time instead of throwing down a gauntlet, it’s pieces of clothing. 
Will these two mates finally see eye to eye or are the obstacles between them as final as they are deadly?

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His UnBearable Touch

Author: |
Published: October 24, 2017 |
Shifter Species:

She was a woman who lived in the dark – She brought light into his lonely world – If he lost her, he’d lose more than just his heart, he may lose the rest of his humanity.

Ten years ago, Bear Shifter Valerio Orsino followed his heart and moved from Italy to America searching for his mate. There was one moment when he felt as though he’d come so very close, only to have the feeling slip away like a ghost, and so he stayed hoping that Fate would play his hand. His brothers followed him to NY and now, his older brother, Salvatore, is happily mated. Valerio feels her presence again, and even if his younger brother scoffs at the idea, everyone else encourages him to look again. An odd twist of fate puts him in the right place to be a hero, but unlike the countless times he has assisted other people, the woman he finds in his arms just may save him… the curvy beauty is his mate, his love, his destiny… and she’s blind.

Allegra Rossetti has lived in darkness for nearly a decade. After a vicious attack left her blind and withdrawn, she gave up on her music and enjoying life. As time went on, the music that lived in her heart would not be denied and she made the decision to step back into the world outside of her apartment building, if only to share her music with others. It took every ounce of her courage to step outside, to breathe the crisp fall air of Central Park, and trust that this time around life wouldn’t be so cruel to her.

A careless error by an overzealous friend puts Allegra in danger and when she’s pulled from one unexpected embrace into another, she is astonished at her reaction. Jealousy took her sight and left her with a fear of intimacy, but with Valerio she finds herself reaching out instead of pulling away.

A vengeful heart threatens to pull them apart and extinguish her light forever. Could Valerio lose what has taken him a lifetime to find? Will Allegra trust him enough to take the leap?

This is the Book 2 of 3 in The Orsino Security Series. The first book, "Her UnBearable Protector" tells the story of the eldest Orsino Brother, Salvatore, who is hired to protect a feisty and full-figured fashion designer and finds his match in more ways than one. The third book will tell the story of the youngest Orsino brother, Uberto.


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Her UnBearable Protector

Author: |
Published: June 27, 2017 |
Shifter Species:

The head of Orsino Security was hired to protect her for a week. Instead, his inner bear wants to claim her forever.

It takes one look for bear shifter Salvatore Orsino to know that Natale Durante isn't just his client… she’s his mate. His first instinct is to lay Natale’s curvaceous body over his shoulder, find a den, and claim her with his bite. But, this beautiful head-strong woman only grudgingly endures his protection even as she welcomes him in her bed. He’ll have to set aside his bear’s need to mark her until he’s eliminated the threat to her life. Once she’s safe, he’ll turn all his energies convincing her that he isn’t after a short-term dalliance, he wants her, with him… forever.

Natale Durante knows that Durante Fashion House is on its last legs. Her new line, designed for women of every size and shape, is her last attempt at saving her family’s legacy.  But there are those in high fashion who prefer that things stay the same—curves belong on the road, not the runway.  When complaints and hate mail escalate to threats of bodily harm, her father hires a bodyguard—Salvatore Orsino. He’s over six feet of deliciously seductive muscular male and a distraction she can’t afford.  One look from him and she wants her infuriatingly persistent protector to rip off her clothes with his teeth, or she might do the same to him.

Can Salvatore eliminate the threats to Natale or will he lose her before he has a chance to claim her?

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