Book Author: Gwen Knight

Howling Under the Mistletoe

Author: |
Published: December 7, 2020 |
Shifter Species:

Christmas is supposed to be full of love and cheer… not dead bodies. 

As the alpha’s daughter, I’m responsible for tracking down a murderer hellbent on destroying my pack. Unfortunately, help comes in the form of werewolf, Evan Knox—my own personal nightmare. He’s rude, arrogant, self-centered, and . . . downright gorgeous. Most days I can’t decide if I want to hit him or kiss him.

It’s up to us to solve this case, but everything goes wrong when someone places a curse on us, one that forces us to succumb to our deepest hidden desires for each other before succumbing to our deaths.

To save Christmas—and ourselves—Knox and I need to break this curse and find the murderer before he strikes again. If only we can keep our hands off each other long enough to hunt this bastard down...

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A Baby for the Viking Wolf

Author: |
Published: April 10, 2018 |
Shifter Species:

With great passion comes great responsibility...

Lucy Tullet's entire world has imploded, thanks to the two soft pink lines staring back at her. As a professional party-girl, she never considered settling down and having kids. Until she meets the blood wolf—a renowned Viking vampire hunter with a mysterious past—and spends the night in his arms. Now, thanks to him, everything has changed. Not only are there vampires running amok in town, hunting Lucy and her unborn child, but the blood wolf has staked his claim, determined to both protect her and take her as his mate.

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My Viking Wolf

Author: |
Published: October 3, 2017 |
Shifter Species:

How to Ruin Your Wedding Day: 101

1.Wake up in stranger’s bed.

2.Learn he’s an assassin hired to kill you.

3.Fall in love with said assassin.

4.Kill rat-bastard fiancé.

Reagan Compton trusts two things in life: her pack and her blade. Love never once registered on her radar. Until she meets the shadow wolf—a Viking assassin hired by her so-called fiancé to kill her. Luckily, he’s more interested in claiming her for himself. Falling for her hired assassin wasn’t a part of her life plans, but he’s changing her mind fast. Love isn’t easy, but it beats the hell out of death.

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