Book Author: Bianca D'Arc

The Werewolf Alpha's Solstice Miracle

Author: |
Published: December 2, 2020 |
Shifter Species:

In the season of miracles, can two lonely hearts find a second chance?

Joe Villalobos is a widower. He had his one chance at a happy marriage, but lost his mate in a tragic accident years ago. A strong Alpha wolf, he didn’t give up on life when he lost the most important part of it. He had cubs to raise and an entire Pack of wolves who needed him to keep it together and help them become the strong Pack he knew they could be. It was tough - especially in the beginning - but he managed to find a way forward for himself, his little family, and his large Pack.

Lost in a storm, flying a mission to save a life, Enid is a priestess without a real place to call home. She’s been traveling the country, stopping here or there to do what she could to help people, but she hadn’t yet found the place where she was meant to be. That all changes the moment she lays eyes on the Alpha wolf. He is her destiny. She just knows it. Now she’ll have to do something to convince the stubborn Alpha that sometimes miracles do happen and the Goddess they both serve blesses Her chosen with a rare second chance. If only they’re brave enough trust in Her, and just go for it.

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The Jaguar's Secret Baby

Author: |
Published: January 15, 2019 |
Shifter Species: ,

He’s a jaguar. She’s a wolf. Can they make a go of it, or will they fight like cats and dogs?

Hank has never forgotten the wild woman with whom he spent one memorable night. He's dreamed of her for years, but has never been back to the small airport in Texas owned and run by her werewolf Pack. Tracy was left with a delicious memory of her night in Hank’s arms, and a beautiful baby girl who is the light of her life. She chose not to tell Hank about his daughter, but when he finally returns and he discovers the daughter he’s never known, he’ll do all he can to set things right.

Tracy wants to be wanted for herself and won’t settle for less. Hank realizes he’s been a stupid fool and the woman he’s never been able to forget is actually his mate. He’s just been too stubborn to admit it. He will need to prove his devotion before his werewolf mate will relent and give in to the attraction that has never faded. He just needs to find the right words and actions to make her understand and win her heart all over again.

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The Jaguar Bodyguard

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Published: January 16, 2018 |
Shifter Species:

Sworn to protect his Clan, Nick Balam heads to Hollywood to keep an eye on a rising star who has seen too much for her own good. She saw a young jaguar shifter transforming and may have damning evidence that could expose them all to the world. It's up to Nick, as head of security for the Jaguar Clan to assess the situation and take care of the problem.

Unexpected fame has made a circus of Sullivan Lane’s life, but when decapitated squirrels show up on her doorstep, she knows she needs professional help. Nick is able to insinuate himself into her security team. The only problem is... once he gets close to her, he realizes she might very well be his mate. And she's in danger. His mission expands to keeping her safe, catching her stalker and then figuring out what she intends to do about her newfound knowledge of shifters. And if she has proof – he’s going to have to destroy it, which could destroy any trust between them.

Sparks fly and passions rise. Can he keep her safe and prevent her from revealing what she knows? Or will he have to forsake his Clan to find true happiness with a woman of rare beauty and…magic?

The Jaguar Island series is part of the Tales of the Were and consists of:
1. The Jaguar Tycoon
2. The Jaguar Bodyguard
More books in this series are coming in 2018. Check BiancaDArc . com for more information.

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The Jaguar Tycoon

Author: |
Published: September 5, 2017 |
Shifter Species:

It all started at dinner…

Mark is the larger-than-life billionaire Alpha of the secretive Jaguar Clan. Business tycoon and man about town, he’s the guest of honor at a huge society dinner in lower Manhattan. Shelly is at the dinner to network and possibly find some clients for her architectural design business. She comes from old money, but her family has fallen on hard times in recent decades and she likes to work for her living.

A violent beginning to a magical destiny…

When a man she’d been chatting with starts shooting at Mark, Shelly is dragged to a back room for questioning. When Shelly and Mark meet face to face, something changes forever. Her fate tangles with his as he introduces her to a world she never knew existed. A world where men turn into huge predatory cats and magic is real.

Can the Alpha’s dream come true?

Commissioning Shelly to design a community on the private island Mark just purchased is a way to keep her close. It’ll be up to the Alpha jaguar to convince her that they are meant to be, and to keep her safe from his enemies. Or will it be her keeping him safe? Stranger things have happened…

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